Madeira Island and Ponta do Sol

Madeira Island and Ponta do Sol

A paradise in the middle of the Atlantic

Where is Madeira Island located?
We’re a pinpoint in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a place that preserves countless wonders, natural resources and a stunning Laurissilva Forest, declared a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO. Among rocks, tunnels and waterfalls, Madeira’s levadas cross the Island from north to south carrying water, and offer several trails for a nice walk, with views of the interior of the Island.

Whether you’re in adventure mode or with your family, you’ll be able to enjoy numerous activities, ranging from BTT and canyoning to trail running, coasteering and paragliding. With one of the best climates in Europe, Madeira Island offers beach bathing all year round.

Whether on artificial sand beaches, pebble beaches or natural black sand beaches, you’ll be able to dive into the immensity of the Atlantic and discover a spectacular array of marine life. Finally, we highlight the flavours, the culture and traditions of Madeira Island.

The freshness and taste of our regional products go straight “from plant to plate”, where the diversity and tropical combinations provide some “out-of-this-world” sensory experiences. As for culture and traditions, you’ll find much to explore: traditional costumes, regional hats, the famous Monte Toboggan rides, handicraft products, music and architecture.

The beautiful village of Ponta do Sol, known for it’s natural light, elegance, nice weather and quietness.

With one of the most beautiful sunsets on the Island, Ponta do Sol was named after it’s excellent sun exposure, which grants it the highest number of hours of sunshine in Madeira.

In recent years, this small municipality has gained notoriety thanks to a cultural intervention, boosted by private investors and small local organisations which have been organising events at national and international levels.

Ponta do Sol is served by small shops, cafés, restaurants, hotels and pebble beaches.

Where to eat

Our suggestions for Bars and Restaurants

Fish and Seafood

Restaurant A Poita

Located in the fishing village of Madalena do Mar, this small family restaurant specialises in fresh fish and seafood.

Address: Estrada Lombos, 1 – Madalena do Mar
Contacts: +351 291 972 871

Restaurant Moreia

Moreia offers high quality to those looking for a taste of the Madeiran sea. It is located next to the church of Santa Maria Madalena, in Madalena do Mar.

Address: Vereda do Nateiro – Madalena do Mar
Contacts: +351 291 974 210

Restaurant Caravela

Located on the north coast of the island, in São Vicente, this restaurant is an excellent place to enjoy fresh fish. Plus, it has a great wine cellar! It’s 24 km away from the property (approximately a 30-minute drive).

Address: ER101 – São Vicente
Contacts: +351 291 842 814

Restaurant Portinho

Located in Jardim do Mar, a small village known for its picturesque houses and perfect waves for surfing, this restaurant is the perfect spot to savour good fish and seafood after a swim on the beach right in front of the bar. It’s a 25-minute drive from the property.

Address: Rua do Portinho, 2 – Jardim do Mar
Contacts: +351 291 827 135


Restaurant 100 Pressa

Located in Ribeira Brava, this restaurant is a 7-minute drive from the property. Here you can try the typical Madeiran ‘espetada’ as well as other grilled dishes.

Address: Estrada da Santíssima Trindade, 6 – Sítio da Praia – Ribeira Brava
Contacts: +351 291 953 287

Restaurant Miradouro Cruz da Caldeira

After a morning visit to the iconic Cabo Girão viewpoint, we suggest stopping for lunch at this magnificent restaurant. The regional ‘espetada’ and the beef chop are the house specialties. It’s a 20-minute drive from the property.

Address: Estrada João Gonçalves Zarco, Câmara de Lobos
Contacts: +351 291 943 349

Restaurant Steak and Sun

Located in the village centre of Ponta do Sol, here you’ll find a wide variety of Portuguese dishes and wines.

Address: Rua Dr. João Augusto Teixeira – Ponta do Sol
Contacts: +351 92 7793 866

Restaurant Casa Bettencourt

Located in Prazeres, this restaurant is approximately a 20-minute drive from the property. With a rustic atmosphere, it’ll give you a taste of the traditional Portuguese cuisine.

Address: Estrada dos Prazeres – 9370-611 Calheta
Contacts: +351 96 3966 818

Restaurant Cantinho da Serra

This restaurant is a great choice for delighting in typical Portuguese food. Located in the municipality of Santana, on the north coast of the island, it’s approximately a 1-hour drive from the property.

Address: Estrada do Pico das Pedras, 57 – 9230-107
Contacts: +291 573 727

Restaurant Kampo

Kampo is a restaurant of experiences. Here the flavours of the earth take centre stage in the dishes envisioned by Chef Júlio Pereira, a man who reveals his origins with a great deal of creativity.

Address: Rua do Sabão, 6 – Funchal

Restaurant Casa da Palha

In the municipality of Santana, in the village of São Jorge, you’ll find the restaurant Casa de Palha (Thatched House), replicating the typical wood houses with thatched roofs that used to be originally built in and around this northern region.

Here you’ll be able to savour local home-cooked specialties, surrounded by an overwhelming natural environment.

Address: Rua Padre Francisco Marques Mendonça n.º 5 – Santana
Contacts: +291 576 382

Fish and Meat

Restaurant Bar Maktub

Located in the small fishing village of Paul do Mar, about 20 km away from the property (approximately a 25-minute drive), this bar is the perfect place to have a drink and enjoy a stunning sunset. Good music and good vibes only! Meals upon reservation.

Address: Rua Dr. João Augusto Teixeira – Ponta do Sol
Contacts: +351 92 7793 866

Restaurant Solar dos Prazeres

This restaurant is a great choice for having a go at one of the most traditional Portuguese dishes: Cod with Chickpeas. The restaurant offers a varied menu.

Address: Prazeres – VE3 – 9370-630 Lombo da Rocha
Contacts: +351 96 2735 280

Estalagem da Ponta do Sol

The best way to define the concept that lies behind the Estalagem da Ponta do Sol is the idea of an escape hotel. Here you can find a fantastic restaurant strategically placed, with spectacular views of the ocean, the village of Ponta do Sol below and the hills opposite filled with banana plantations. International menu with a choice of Mediterranean, vegetarian and local dishes.

– Lobby and lounge bar with two cozy fireplaces and a very nice and comfortable terrace, the perfect setting to have a drink, relax and enjoy the truly amazing sunsets.

– Poolside Kabo bar with an astonishing 180 degrees sea view from the veranda.

More info:


Pukiki Bar

Madeira’s first and only tiki bar!

Located in Estreito da Calheta, Pukiki brings you the largest selection of rum in Madeira, tiki and tropical cocktails.

Address: Rua das Frunas 77 – Estreito da Calheta
Contacts: +351 96 7560 948


Local 4x4 Tour

Get ready to explore Ponta do Sol on a 4×4 adventure with plenty of adrenaline. Luís will tell you all the stories about the landscapes of Ponta do Sol and its ecological value, and how the older generations built these roads and water channels.

Social Media:
Instagram: @LocalToursPontaDoSol

Luís Ramos:
+351 967785048

Lente do Atlântico

Become a whale spotter with an expert!

Enjoy an original experience in Madeira Island and discover the Atlantic wildlife along the coastline! Every year thousands of tourists come to see dolphins, whales and seabirds in their habitat, this being one of the most popular activities among our visitors. We’ll start this unique animal watching experience from Lombada cliff, in Ponta do Sol. After a short briefing on how to use the equipment and what to look for, you’re ready for action. Our next challenge is to scan the ocean with powerful binoculars to spot and identify the marine species. You’ll have the opportunity to hear the history of whale hunting in Madeira. At the end of our experience, you’ll also be able to observe the moon or the planets if the weather allows. We’ll end the activity with a drink at sunset (depending on the location, the time of day, and the weather).

Please note that location can change depending on the weather forecast or upon the guest’s request. We can’t guarantee sea mammal sightings, but we have a 100% success rate of bird sightings.


Social Media:
Facebook: Lente do Atlântico

Instagram: @lentedoatlantico2020

Higino Faria, Coordinator/Manager (Co-founder)
Phone: +351 969486444 – emaill:

Valerio Sousa, Assintant Coordinator (Co-founder)
Phone: 967387955

Ilhéu Madeira

Experience the adventure aboard Ilhéu Boat. One-day sailing cruises along the west coast of Madeira or sunset and full moon private cruises. Send us a message or contact us through our Facebook page.

Phone: +351 968768194

Madeira Paragliding

Flying is better than dreaming!

Tandem & Solo Paradling Over Stunning Scenery of Madeira Island.

We offer unforgettable tandem paragliding flights every day, from midday until sunset.

Website & contacts:

MUDAS - Madeira Museum of Contemporary Art

Mudas. Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Madeira, is situated in Calheta, and is a project of the architect Paulo David that was inaugurated in October 2004, having been built on the former property of the Casa das Mudas.

This institutution has undertaken a policy of acquisitions, and its collections include works from many of the most outstanding Portuguese plastic artists, some of whom were born in Madeira Island: Lourdes Castro, Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, Fernando Calhau, António Palolo, Rui Sanches, João Queiroz, Michael Biberstein, Patrícia Garrido, Martha Telles, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Ana Vidigal, Gäetan, Eduardo Batarda, Daniel Blaufuks, Bárbara Assis Pacheco, Miguel Branco, Pedro Calapez, Pedro Casqueiro, Rui Chafes, Pedro Portugal, José Pedro Croft, Ilda David, Jorge Molder, José Loureiro, Álvaro Lapa, Ana Hatherly, João Vilhena, Alberto Carneiro, Pedro Gomes, Pedro Proença and many others.

The Museum’s collection of Portuguese contemporary art is mainly made up of works acquired from art galleries or the artists themselves, and added to this core collection are donations from the exhibitions of the former Gallery of the Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Culture and from private donors, such as Ana Hatherly, Pedro Valdez Cardoso, Albuquerque Mendes, Sofia Areal, among others.

Info & contacts:


Find the island in a different way! Explore the old roads mostly used by locals, and feel close to nature.

At the city you will visit the narrow roads, that caracterize the island, the view points, monuments, the historical area the old town Nostalgia. Apart from the city center, you can also have fun at the Monte toboggan, the famous botanical gardens, Monte Palace tropical gardens, Blandys gardens, etc… You can also visit the mythic fishing village of Câmara de Lobos, the sky walk, the statue of Christ, enjoy the amazing views over the nun’s Valley or even the second highest mountain in the island, in Pico do Areeiro. Our trips can be personalized, agreeing to our clients taste.

Contact Carla: +351 966 044 736

Chi Kung Yoga - Tai Chi Chuan

Find your balance and enjoy your holidays to relax. Achieve longevity and control the movement of chi within the body and improve your physical aptitudes.

Strengthen your energy and start a new day with these ancient methods.

Contact: +351 96 6093 162 or +351 91 7586 720


If you need a taxi driver, we present you our best contact in Madeira: Taxi Paulo

Phone: +351 913454561